There are many members of MT. ZION FWC who are actively serving our congregation.  We are thankful for every one on our team, but here we would like to recognize some key players.


Jared & Crystal Ingle: Lead Pastors, Crystal is the MtZ KidZ Director

  • Pastor Jared:

  • Crystal: 



Wendell Buell: Senior Elder, Men’s Fellowship Director
Ruth Buell: Elder, Bookkeeper, S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Director

  • Ruth: 



Vada Baatz: Elder (Secretary)

  • Vada: 



Gwyn Carter: Elder, Communion, Decor, Teaching

  • Gwyn: 



Larry Wakefield: Elder
Larry & Wendy Wakefield: Food Pantry Directors, Teaching

  • Larry: 

  • Wendy: 



Shane Myers: Worship Director,  Refuge Student Ministries Director


Louie & Sharon LaFranier: 50+ (+ fun + food + fellowship)


  • Sis. Sharon: 



Shane LaFranier: Director of Ushers and Greeters
Zorsy LaFranier: Teaching, Food Pantry

  • Zorsy: 



Haley Robertson: Coffee Corner, Greeter

  • Haley: 



Randy Robertson: A/V & Tech Director


Kevin & Laurie Hastings: Custodian, A/V, Food Pantry, Men’s Fellowship

  • Kevin: 

  • Laurie: 



Bonnie Comfort: Food Pantry, Grounds

  • Bonnie: 



Bob Wilkinson: Grounds